Best Western 40,000 point bonus is back!!!

Well, my favourite hotel credit card bonus is back again.

Thanks to MBNA for this card.

It’s not as nice as it was in the summer at 60,000 points, but you only have to use it ONCE!!!


Most people I know started with this one, so if you are new to all of this, get the card, use it once if you want and receive 40,000 Best Western points that will give you on average 2-3 free hotel nights.

I know a few people that have actually gotten this card 4 times over the past few years and received the bonus every time.

Here is the application link for the card, courtesy of Rewards Canada who are always on the ball.

Seriously, if you are new to this, this one is easy and you will get your points within a month.

The only glitch I have seen is if you don’t have a Best Western Rewards number sometimes those points get lost until you clear things up with them.

Image result for best western






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