Getting the most of Best Western points!

So with the news last week that you can now transfer points between SPG and Marriott at a 1 SPG gets you 3 Marriott points rate I had been looking up many Marriott properties.

Marriott has many properties that are good for my family like 1 and 2 bedroom suites and many more options than SPG so I was pretty pumped about this.

I was forgetting that we have many Best Western points and they can be great value.

I noticed my link to the Best Western MBNA card is down, but I’m sure they will be offering some sign up bonus soon.

The thing important about Best Western points is that they change the amount of points needed during the year based on the actual price of the room – they are not a “fixed” amount per room.

Generally when you look, if the price of the room is say under $120, you need 12,000 points or more to book that room.

It’s basically less than a cent per point (cpp) when valuing points.

1 cent per point would be a $240 room going for 24,000 points, a $120 room for 12,000 points.

Now, as Canadians we actually benefit from this because our points can be CDN, US or whatever. Where it comes in handy is when we book US hotel rooms.

In this example, I’ll use a hotel my family and I have stayed at in Myrtle Beach.

Here is an example of paying cash on a weekday night in October (slow season)


So $70 – $110 for a suite! great price for a suite by the way – we had one.

Book using points? 12,000 per night.


So you could use 12,000 points to book that 2 Queen beds with kitchen and balcony or pay $89.95 plus taxes and fees comes to $109 US.

What is $109 US worth today? $144 CDN.

You are actually getting more than 1 cent per point. You are getting 1.2 cpp.

These points are valued at about 0.6 – 0.8 cents each by seasoned bloggers.

So by using our points at US hotels we gain an advantage there.


But what about this place in the summer? Check this out…


Same room as before? $239.95 plus fees gets you to $283.49 (taxes high eh?)

Let’s check points…


So you could use those 32,000 points or spend $283.49 US = $374 CDN.

You are getting 1.16 cpp almost as good as the other example.

So, use your BW points wisely – we try to get 1 cpp for each booking we do.

There are actually places where you can get close to 1.5 cpp! Double what they are “worth”

Key West is one such destination…

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