BIG NEWS on Marriott/SPG acquisition

As reported first on Rewards Canada, this is huge news.

You can also sign into both/either accounts and see the news for yourself.

The merger won’t be totally complete for about 2ish years, but the ratio of points was released and Marriott:SPG is 3:1 which is seen as fair.

You can also freely transfer points between your accounts, link your accounts and your highest status level is matched across all of your accounts.

I had been worried myself as I collect way more SPG points that the ratio would be 2:1 or worse but this is good.

Read the article – it is very informative.

I myself have already started mulling over spend strategies and which beach hotels to book – post to come next week on 2 hotels across street from eachother – 1 SPG and 1 Marriott – both on beach – which one to book?


Like Rewards Canada says, great time to pick up the Amex SPG card and Chase Marriott cards to load up on  hotel nights!

Our page, “How do you do this” has them both!

They are the 3rd and 4th listed there.



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