Why not FT. Lauderdale?

So I have been noticing many discounted prices on Spirit Air going from Detroit to Ft.Lauderdale.

You may not like Spirit, but almost inevitably you can find a flight for about $100.

It may not be the days of the week you like or the right weekend, but they are there.

The same holds true for the other destinations they fly to like Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, etc.

But Ft. Lauderdale is a 3 hour flight and it is in Southern Florida – which is a decent place to vacation!

Yes, our $ isn’t the greatest right now, and yes there are confirmed cases of Zika, but this can be a CHEAP VACATION! (or 3 day weekend).

The example I’m posting you actually only stay 2 nights, but get 3 full days in Lauderdale.

Make it cheaper and use hotel points and it just ends up being spending money.

Some nice meals out, maybe some golf, hang around the pool or beach.

My friends and I have done it and it is worth visiting!

See our page on “How do you do this?” on how to get hotel points.

See our page on “Fun Vacations Part 2” and a place we have stayed there.

Here is the example flight. Hmm, just happens to be Thanksgiving weekend.





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