Florida flights $100 round over Christmas!!!

I have never seen this in the 5-6 years I have been following flight prices to Florida over the Christmas break.

If you haven’t checked yet, Christmas falls on the 1st Sunday the kids are off school.

They are done Friday December 23, Christmas is Sunday December 25.

That is almost 2 full weeks of time off with the kids (if you’re counting) after Christmas is over.

You’re probably going to be looking for places to go.

As usual, I like Florida and there are some pretty good deals.

As usual it is on Spirit, but these are great deals!

A shout out to Andy MacLean for finding this deal.

I will put up one such example but go to Spirit.com and see there are still many days to choose from.

Also note that it seems to be only Detroit – Ft. Lauderdale for now, but that could change.

You need to be in the $9 club to get the $99 flights, it is a little more if you’re not in club.

As I mentioned earlier, the cheapest I have ever seen flights over Christmas break (in 6 years) to Florida is about $250 – so even after exchange this is about half of that!

So that takes care of CHEAP FLIGHTS, but what about CHEAP HOTELS.

Well you could stay in dive hotels or you could start collecting hotel points like many people I know and stay free for this trip – see our page on “How do you do this?”

Grab the Starwood card or the Marriott card – both will get you 5 days free hotel in Florida.

Seriously, either one will – hotel paid for.

Flights – really cheap.

Check it out…






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