Disney on a Budget #2

So I wrote a piece about a year and a half ago about going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida on a budget.


I hadn’t been there since 1985 so it was all based on research from the Disney app and website.


Image result for disney world


Now I have been there on a 5 day trip with my wife and 2 kids and I must say the earlier article was pretty much bang-on.

So rather than me repeat all those points again I will sum it up.

  1. You can do a Disney trip for about half price using hotel points and Amex points.
  2. It is not necessary to save and save for years to do this trip.
  3. Your 5 day trip(family of 4) should realistically cost you $2200-$2800 CDN if you use points and start the process soon.

If you google things like “disney on a budget” and “how to go to disney cheaply” you can find hundreds of blog posts like mine – but I am telling you it can be done and isn’t that hard.


Image result for disney world swan

Yep, that’s the hotel.

As I re-read the original post…

  1. I see I actually did use google flights and found 4 round trip flights for $115 CDN return Cleveland-Orlando late August. That is actually less than the original post.
  2. I did book the Starwood Dolphin/Swan hotel using points which only costed me admin. fee of $20 a day for 5 days.
  3. We ended up getting park tickets for 2 days instead of 3 and saved about $500 CDN there. The kids loved the pools so that went over fine.
  4. Food ended up being about $1000 CDN so no difference there. If you have a fridge in your room you will save a few bucks for sure. ie. leftovers from eating out, bagels, etc.

In that example the total cost to you is about $3000 CDN.

In our example since hotel was free except for hotel admin fee and yearly fee for credit card the cost there was $360 CDN. (2 Amex Starwood cards.)

Flights were $460 CDN which was covered by (2 Gold Amex cards) no charge.

Park tickets for 2 days for 4 people was $1100 CDN.

Food around $1000 CDN.

Actual cost $360 + 1100 + 1000 = about $2500 CDN.

It can be done!




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