Hotel points at Airport hotels…

My family and I are heading out on a big summer end trip that we used many of our points on to save us thousands. Well, about $2100 anyways.

I’ll do a post on that later when we get back – but it’s BIG for us.

This is just a quick post on how 10,000 Marriott points saved us spending money on three separate things – hotel room, breakfast AND airport parking.

Many bloggers value Marriott points at .7 cents each or maybe 1 full cent CDN which would mean those 10,000 points should be worth about $70 US or around $100 CDN.

Well we are getting way more value than that!

Probably the most important thing I did was use my Marriott app and looked for hotels near the airport, that had free breakfasts – then I discovered one of those airports had free airport parking for up to 14 days.

Sold. Room worth $130 US, breakfast (not fancy, but filling) worth about $30 US for 4 of us, parking for 6 days worth $60 US.

That is $220 US saved using 10,000 Marriott points.

That is extra value.

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