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Hotel points at Airport hotels…

My family and I are heading out on a big summer end trip that we used many of our points on to save us thousands. Well, about $2100 anyways.

I’ll do a post on that later when we get back – but it’s BIG for us.

This is just a quick post on how 10,000 Marriott points saved us spending money on three separate things – hotel room, breakfast AND airport parking.

Many bloggers value Marriott points at .7 cents each or maybe 1 full cent CDN which would mean those 10,000 points should be worth about $70 US or around $100 CDN.

Well we are getting way more value than that!

Probably the most important thing I did was use my Marriott app and looked for hotels near the airport, that had free breakfasts – then I discovered one of those airports had free airport parking for up to 14 days.

Sold. Room worth $130 US, breakfast (not fancy, but filling) worth about $30 US for 4 of us, parking for 6 days worth $60 US.

That is $220 US saved using 10,000 Marriott points.

That is extra value.

Google flights to the rescue again!

I swear google flights has saved me thousands of dollars and I’ve only been using it about 2 years.

I’ve done posts on it before but it came through again when I wasn’t expecting to purchase flights late summer.

Again, as I have stated previously – there are some great deals this month for flights use Google Flights and check!

Here is one way you could do it if you knew what few days you’d like to go somewhere – you just don’t know where.

Pick your departure city and then just pick a random city to fly to – preferable near where you might end up going – but it doesn’t matter.



Have your dates picked and then click “Explore Destinations” on the side of the screen.

It will be a map of places to go.

Then, go ahead and explore…

Sure, you could go to Myrtle Beach for $167, but you could change destinations, or departure airports, etc.

Here is a screen that “explores destinations”


Why not go to Orlando for $167 or Atlanta for $93?

Anyway, try it out!