Are you Using your points???

Well, we are near the end of July and I see some people fretting on social media they “just can’t afford” a vacation this summer, or “can’t find flights cheap enough.”

I am sure they believe these statements to be true and for some they may actually be correct.

What I don’t get is the people that have fine credit, can pay bills on time and basically have no real problem paying off a credit card – “why are they complaining?” I think to myself.

I talk to these people everyday when I am at work – some ask for assistance some don’t believe free travel is possible.

I have been accumulating points for about 5 years now and have points in many different programs – they all come in handy eventually.

I did this post for a reason – I used points today from a source I almost forgot about and it got me a free hotel night worth $120 and free breakfast for 4.

If you just start collecting you will eventually get there – but you need to start! If you have a spouse/travel partner you can get there faster as well.

I have a page, “How do you do this” that gets beginners started.

It is a fun and rewarding hobby – give it a try!

It’s all about POINTS! (also will keep track of them for you as well)


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