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Are you Using your points???

Well, we are near the end of July and I see some people fretting on social media they “just can’t afford” a vacation this summer, or “can’t find flights cheap enough.”

I am sure they believe these statements to be true and for some they may actually be correct.

What I don’t get is the people that have fine credit, can pay bills on time and basically have no real problem paying off a credit card – “why are they complaining?” I think to myself.

I talk to these people everyday when I am at work – some ask for assistance some don’t believe free travel is possible.

I have been accumulating points for about 5 years now and have points in many different programs – they all come in handy eventually.

I did this post for a reason – I used points today from a source I almost forgot about and it got me a free hotel night worth $120 and free breakfast for 4.

If you just start collecting you will eventually get there – but you need to start! If you have a spouse/travel partner you can get there faster as well.

I have a page, “How do you do this” that gets beginners started.

It is a fun and rewarding hobby – give it a try!

It’s all about POINTS! (also will keep track of them for you as well)


Get the App!!!

So a few conversations this week had me wondering how people keep track of anything – seriously.

I keep a spreadsheet of credit cards just so I know when certain fees kick in, how long I have had the card, etc. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes but it saves you huge headaches.

But as I was looking at my phone I noticed many of my apps are travel related – no real surprise.


I am surprised at the fact many of my friends don’t use the hotel apps and others offered.

I showed a few co-workers at the end of the school year how to book a hotel on their phone using the points they had earned and it was like the coolest thing ever to them.

But it wasn’t those ones above it was the Marriott, Best Western and Starwood apps.

Great apps and very user friendly.

Then I also realized there are other apps to see your points balance like Aeroplan and Amex.

Point is – it doesn’t have to be a chore or frustrating to know how many points you have in a certain program at a certain point in time – just check your app!!!

Last thing I’ll say is yes you can get free points from the above mentioned hotel chains – here is my page explaining it.



Detroit Summer Series – Anywhere mid/late August

So I’m looking up flights to post and I realize Spirit flies to many places out of Detroit for cheap late summer.


So rather than end my summer series with a specific flight, I’m telling you to check out their website for deals – especially August.

My 2 faves are Atlantic City and Myrtle Beach but you may have different ideas.

Check it out – again you may not love Spirit but these prices are amazing.