Marriott Chase Visa 50,000 bonus is back!

A special shout-out to Andy McLean for finding this bonus!

Well, it may not be for long, but the 50,000 point bonus plus free night is back with the Marriott Chase Canada Visa card.

I have done a few posts on this card in the past and it is quite honestly the best Canadian hotel credit card out there – without a fee.

The Amex Starwood card is still the best but I know at least 10 people that have gotten this card over the past few years and all of them are happy they did.

Here is Rewards Canada review of all the cards. Patrick the writer there has been doing this since the turn of the century 😉 so he knows what he is talking about!

I have to update some pages now – specifically “How do You Do This” as this bonus is truly the best hotel bonus you can get for free right now.

Here is the screenshot I just did today, June 21/2016.


Here is the link to apply – we receive nothing for this but are always happy when people get free hotel nights!

Now, as Patrick at Rewards Canada has pointed out in the past, it is the Premier Card, so make sure you get a screenshot for yourself showing the 50,000 point bonus – nothing is every guaranteed!



2 responses to “Marriott Chase Visa 50,000 bonus is back!”

  1. John Baines says :

    We are wondering when the 50,000 bonus points card is going to be available in Canada through Marriott again. My wife and I have a Marriott timeshare and although my wife’s name is on the card, can my name John, her husband be put on the card as well since I will be making the majority of purchases on it.

    • says :

      Get your own card! It’s available now and has been for a long time.
      Check the page “how do you do this” and click on the Marriott link.
      Even better though same page get the SPG card with the 25,000 point bonus (75,000 Marriott) and refer your wife to that card. You get 10,000 SPG to refer and she also gets 25,000 spg. Total spg = 60,000 = 180,000 family Marriott points for $240 total annual fee(120 each)

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