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Detroit Summer Series – New Orleans $70 Round trip!

If you have been reading my posts lately you know Spirit is offering amazing flight deals now this summer – specifically mid to late August.

Even if you aren’t in the $9 club the flight is still only $88!

I usually end up in the $9 club because of all the savings when you purchase multiple flights.

Anyway, here are screenshots of the dates, but many dates are available at that price.

The “Big Easy” for $70 return. Nice.



Hotel Credit card bonuses HOT right now!

Well, I do a page on this anyways but sometimes it is worth repeating.

There are currently 3 Canadian credit cards affiliated with hotel chains right now that are offering the best sign-up bonuses they have ever offered.

My “How Do You Do this” page has all the links.

  1. Chase Marriott Visa – 50,000 points plus a free night – awesome!
  2. MBNA Best Western Mastercard – after spend – 60,000 points – very nice
  3. Amex SPG  – after spend – 20,000 points – best bonus of the 3, but it has a $120 annual fee.


The page also explains points valuations because you might wonder how 20,000 SPG points are better than 50,000 Marriott points plus a free night – and some may say the Marriott points are worth more.

From what I have seen and read over the past 6 years…get all three!!!

Better yet, if you travel with a partner/spouse get them to do it too.

Again, as always if you are bad with credit cards and can’t seem to manage your finances, don’t do this.

But what I have been seeing lately over the course of the past few years is people get one, are happy, ask me what the next card is, get another (but in the mean time have paid for hotel rooms) ask me what the next one is, etc.

Those 3 cards will get you conservatively, 8 free nights, but more likely 12-15 free hotel nights.

Yes, applying for 3 cards at once may seem crazy, but 2 good reasons to do so.

  1. The “pro’s” say if you apply on same day the inquiry doesn’t go onto your credit report immediately, so if you apply for five cards at once then none of those issuers will see the impact immediately  There are many Canadian bloggers that say this too, not just this one.
  2. You’ll have all the points in about a month!


Since I have seen this happen now for a few years I can honestly say these 3 cards will make you very happy. Remember, if you get the Amex SPG REFER YOUR PARTNER for an extra 10,000 points!





Marriott Chase Visa 50,000 bonus is back!

A special shout-out to Andy McLean for finding this bonus!

Well, it may not be for long, but the 50,000 point bonus plus free night is back with the Marriott Chase Canada Visa card.

I have done a few posts on this card in the past and it is quite honestly the best Canadian hotel credit card out there – without a fee.

The Amex Starwood card is still the best but I know at least 10 people that have gotten this card over the past few years and all of them are happy they did.

Here is Rewards Canada review of all the cards. Patrick the writer there has been doing this since the turn of the century 😉 so he knows what he is talking about!

I have to update some pages now – specifically “How do You Do This” as this bonus is truly the best hotel bonus you can get for free right now.

Here is the screenshot I just did today, June 21/2016.


Here is the link to apply – we receive nothing for this but are always happy when people get free hotel nights!

Now, as Patrick at Rewards Canada has pointed out in the past, it is the Premier Card, so make sure you get a screenshot for yourself showing the 50,000 point bonus – nothing is every guaranteed!



WHAT? Detroit – Ft. Lauderdale $46 RETURN!!!

I love looking up flights and this is crazy.

It is for 6 days this July but there are other combinations of flights priced this low.

If you want to get to Florida this summer from SW Ontario or Michigan this is the flight. WOW.

Now you have to be in the $9 Spirit Club but the reg. price is only $80!

I have flown Spirit Detroit- Ft. Lauderdale and yes it’s sometimes delayed 1 hr, but for $46 I can handle that.

Nothing more to say – what a deal.





Detroit Summer Series – Boston $106 return!

More deals from Spirit, late summer.

I know you may not like them, but for just over an hour flight can you handle them?

Boston? Go see Fenway. or whatever else there is to do there.I’m sure there’s more. 🙂

Late summer just has so many flight deals – check Google flights or just check Spirit’s website.

Very nice price to see Boston!

Cheapest flight depart on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Detroit Summer Series – Myrtle Beach $86 Return!!!

Another amazing flight price from Spirit.

Ya, you may not like them, but the flight prices are sooo good.

I read about how all these bloggers can’t stand Spirit, will never fly with them – and that’s great and all, but when you are flying 4 people the savings add up.

Check their prices – late summer, fly on Tuesdays/Wednesdays  -chances are you will find something nice!

Here you are…


Note – if you are not in the $9 club, it is $10 more per flight…

Detroit summer Series – Ft. Lauderdale for $85 Round trip!

You wanna fly cheaply this summer?

Fly Spirit, and fly the end of summer!

Over the last few years I always look late August for flight deals and every single time Spirit has amazing deals.

Whether it be New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, the list goes on.

This particular flight gets you to Ft. Lauderdale for 3 nights, but 4 full days as you get there Tuesday morning Aug. 23 at 9:30 am and fly out Friday night Aug. 26 at 8:20pm!

$85 US funds gets you this round trip price – including all taxes.

Remember with them you have to pay for checked bags, boarding passes – print them the day before and other little things.

But if you are packing fairly light you can get that flight at $85 US.


Detroit Summer Series – New Orleans!

Round trip – $136 US

I have found searching for flights the last few years that mid to late August you can fly very cheaply – especially on good ‘ol Spirit.

They fly direct to many cool destinations – Myrtle Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlantic City, Las Vegas – the list goes on.

Yes, many people hate Spirit but when I am paying for 4 flights or I am on a quick flight, Spirit can be the way to go.

Anyway, here is a nice price to fly to the “Big Easy” – cheapest I could find in August – for now!