Why pay for hotels? Seriously.

So I see another article today on the price of hotels and how those prices are going up for the coming summer season.


Now, we haven’t paid for a hotel room in over 5 years and I don’t see why, if you are reading this, you may be paying for one.

If you are any way interested in travel and collecting points, you should know as Canadians we have 3 hotel branded credit cards right now that give you many free nights at their locations.

If you travel with a partner, double those points as they could get 1 or more of their cards as well.

Since I mention 2 of these on our page, How Do You Do This I won’t go into detailed specifics.

Really, it is a whole bunch of nights, and you can avoid a yearly fee if you pick 2 of them.

The Best Western MBNA card gives you 60,000 points right now which can actually get you 5 free nights at standard Best Westerns.

The Marriott Chase Visa gives you 30,000 points right now plus a free nights which can get you 4-6 more free nights.

The Amex Starwood gives you 20,000 points worth way more but there is the $120 yearly fee.

So it is really a great way to stay in hotels for free if you can pay your credit card bills and are somewhat organized.





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