Detroit Summer Series – late summer flights…

I love looking at Google flights.

If you have a weekend in mind and just want to get away cheap – that is a great app.

I have been looking late August lately just for fun and I keep getting the same dates as really cheap times to fly. Now obviously these dates change and other factors are at work but if you look Sat. Aug 27 – Wed. Aug 31 you will find some decent deals.

Again, these dates aren’t set in stone but are good, cheap times to fly.

You have to be willing to put up with Spirit as well, but they get you there. (most of the time).

Remember with them, print your boarding passes ahead of time and they will charge you about $25 per checked bag so if you can travel light you are saving more money.

Just for those days – Round trip out of Detroit – prices are in CDN




Boston – $134 Spirit

Atlantic City – $109 Spirit

Myrtle Beach – $171 Spirit

Fort Lauderdale –  $171 Spirit ($190 Jet Blue bigger seats)

New Orleans – $234 Spirit

Kansas City – $159 Spirit

Denver – $224 Frontier

Dallas – $191 Spirit

Vegas – $296 Frontier

San Fran – $303 Frontier

San Juan, PR – $319 Spirit



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