“You Get All That for $120”

I have a friend now hooked on collecting points – it’s fun and who doesn’t love free travel, right?

Well, I have a bunch of co-workers and friends hooked, but sometimes people get into this more than others.


He makes the same statements I made 4-5 years ago as well, “it’s a no brainer, why wouldn’t you get that card”, “why doesn’t everyone do this” etc.

Because people don’t have time to track this stuff, people are poor at paying off debt, people forget. etc.

That’s why I set up the page How Do You Do This?


You do get a lot for $120 that is for sure.

3 cards.

If you stay in average hotels that go for about $125-$175/ night you end up with 4-6 free Marriott nights, 4-6 free Starwood nights and at least 1 free flight anywhere in Canada/US.

For $120.

So that’s about $1500 or so in hotel nights and a $500 or so flight.

It’s $2000 or so worth of travel for one credit card fee of $120.

Can you do it year after year? Maybe.

Can you refer some of your friends and pick up free travel? Why not?




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