Even cheaper way to buy a vacation!

So I just did a post on buying Starpoints for a vacation at the fraction of the cost.

Now, it turns out those points are ON SALE!!!

So…for my previous example of the Sheraton Suites in Fort Lauderdale that was $1000 US for 5 nights.

Buying points in that example cost you $647.50 US

Sale price is…$521.50 US


So, almost half off your price!!!

It also turns out you can now buy up to 30,000 points each!

In the second example a married couple bought 20,000 points each for $1400 US.

So now with the sale, those 40,000 points total are $1050 US

So, 5 nights on the beach in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Clearwater Beach for $1050 US total – about half off when you purchase points at spg.com

Now, of course you can always get the Amex SPG card, refer your spouse/friend/whatever, get more points (50,000) for $240 CDN total(120 each) – but some just will not pay an annual fee for a card, or hate Amex or whatever. But it is the smarter way to go…

spg card




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