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5 Nights on Beach for $399

Yep, that’s right. In a Sheraton or Westin on the beach in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Clearwater Beach, Florida. Or any Starwood class 4 property on the beach!

I did a post awhile back for “6 nights on beach” where a couple can do just that.


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Same hotels as that page, the only difference is you can do this as one person and not need a partner on this to do it.

It’s $399 instead of $240, but you are getting about $2000 worth of hotel stays!!!

I just did a page on Amex Platinum which shows you how to pick up 80,000 Amex MR points which convert to 40,000 Starwood points which get you 5 consecutive nights in a Class 4 hotel.

It is for the Business Platinum card – well worth it when you do the math!


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Karen has ALL INCLUSIVE Deals

Yes, our Sarnia based travel agent has some nice All Inclusive deals for you.

Call her at 519-542-1009/ email visit her in the Kenwick Bdg., Sarnia.




Use Hotel Points!!!

I just booked a couple of hotels in Florida using points from 2 different Hotel programs who coincidentally will become the same company soon enough- maybe (Starwood/Marriott)

The point is – you don’t need to spend extra hundreds of dollars when you need a hotel for a night (or week). Both my hotel nights were for airport hotels in Miami.






These aren’t cheap hotels either – one was the night we arrive in Miami and the other for the day before we fly out.

As a side note this also lets you stay on vacation longer – condo rentals in Florida and other places generally rent Saturday – Saturday.

So in my quick example here:

  1. I used 25,000 Marriott points to stay in a Miami Airport location Fairfield Inn. It comes to about $250 CDN a night so I end up getting about 1 cent per point used for Marriott Rewards. On average in the industry they are valued at about 0.7 cent so I beat the average. Better yet, I get a free night after a long flight and the whole family gets a free breakfast too. Complimentary shuttle to/from airport as well.
  2. I used 7,000 Starpoints to stay in a Miami Airport location Aloft. It actually comes to $450 CDN a night so I end up getting about 6.5 cents per point used for Starwood. That is amazing value. On average in the industry they are valued at 2.5-3 cents so I do very well here. Again, free night before our flight out, comp. shuttle.

You may not care about the math, but it comes down to this.

$700 CDN worth of hotels in Miami for free for 2 nights.



And we still have many points leftover.

See our page on “How Do You Do this” on how to get started – really worth it right now with our low CDN dollar.




Karen is back with DEALS DEALS DEALS

Karen came back with a whole bunch of deals – last minute, 48 hr. specials, Wild Wednesday etc.

She is a licensed travel agent – get in touch with her! 519-542-1009/ visit her in the Kenwick Building, Sarnia.

Check out her page and see for yourself.

Here is just one deal of many.



SPG contest a BIG HIT!

So yesterday I see a tweet from SPG for their new contest GET IN THE GAME.

I love their contests they periodically run although I never win in them.

This one is partnered with MLB which I also love, so I thought I’d spend a few minutes and enter.

I mean free Starpoints or a chance at tickets to the 2016 World Series between the Toronto Blue Jays and Washington Nationals! I’d love that.



My wife and I both won this! Picked Toronto vs. Cinci. and we both hit a double.

Then I texted my buddy who coincidentally picked the same two teams and he and his wife both won 5000 SPG points as well!

Here is a list of prizes.(from a US blogger)


This valuation is low by the way – we have been seeing 5000 SPG points worth more like $250 for Canadians!

Anyway, check it out great contest.





Even cheaper way to buy a vacation!

So I just did a post on buying Starpoints for a vacation at the fraction of the cost.

Now, it turns out those points are ON SALE!!!

So…for my previous example of the Sheraton Suites in Fort Lauderdale that was $1000 US for 5 nights.

Buying points in that example cost you $647.50 US

Sale price is…$521.50 US


So, almost half off your price!!!

It also turns out you can now buy up to 30,000 points each!

In the second example a married couple bought 20,000 points each for $1400 US.

So now with the sale, those 40,000 points total are $1050 US

So, 5 nights on the beach in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Clearwater Beach for $1050 US total – about half off when you purchase points at

Now, of course you can always get the Amex SPG card, refer your spouse/friend/whatever, get more points (50,000) for $240 CDN total(120 each) – but some just will not pay an annual fee for a card, or hate Amex or whatever. But it is the smarter way to go…

spg card