Get to Florida this March Break

Ok, I have heard a few conversations lately about people complaining about our dollar and how they wish they could get to Florida but just can’t manage it.

Yes I have a done a post or two on this, but it is simply not true for most of us.

2 things you can do to make this trip both affordable and possible.

  1. Drive. the cost of gas is extremely cheap right now. just try it – it’s not that bad and you’ll get a nice road trip in.
  2. Use Marriott Rewards nights. If it’s just you getting the card you’ll have enough points (50,000) plus one free nights for 6 nights in a more basic Marriott Hotel – but with free breakfasts and a pool.

Here is one such example.

Here is the website link.

Look for hotels that are category 2 – 10,000 points per night.

Ya sure, not on the beach and the pool area is decent. BUT IT’S FREE FOR 6 NIGHTS.

What if you and your travel partner get the card? That’s 100,000 points between you plus 2 free nights at a cat. 4 or less.

You can check their website but it would be a nicer hotel because you have more points to spend.

We get nothing from promoting this card – it just makes sense to get it.

Of all the cards we have seen, this is the true “no brainer” to get – make one purchase and you pick up the bonus points – unbelievable!

Here is the link for the card for Canadians.

chase visa






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