“The Low dollar is Killing us!”

Well, yes it is for many things, but not for staying in hotels in the US.

I see all these posts over Facebook and Twitter about how no-one can travel to the US over the March break because our dollar is so low and it’s just not worth the money.

The latest promo was a good one and probably will work on many Canadians.

Myrtle beach is offering some deep discounts to stay there until April 30 of this year when booking certain hotels.

Great. Except isn’t staying for free a little better?

I have done numerous posts on this and at least some people I know are starting to get wise on the Hotel branded credit cards we have available in Canada.

The 3 we have listed from best to worst are:

  1. Amex Starwood Preferred Guest Card
  2.  Chase Marriott Visa
  3. MBNA Best Western Mastercard

I’ll put the link up for my latest post that goes into more detail about these cards.

I have a bunch of friends that have picked up all 3 for themselves and their spouses and are loving the free travel!

“All 3!!!” Yes, all 3. Why not? “Well your credit score will…”

My credit score has actually gone up slightly since I started this process over 4 years ago.

Do we have anything to gain from saying this? Yes, if you get the Amex card through our link on our Amex page we pick up bonus points, that’s it.

It’s just smarter travel.

I know some people out there are very loyal to their card and that’s just great.

Why not try one? Once you stay in a hotel free…

And yes, there are hotels in Myrtle Beach that are free on these cards too!






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