Rental Cars great price in Florida now

This is one of those posts that is just a timely post for those looking for rental cars in Miami (and other parts of Florida it turns out) right now for March break.


I am talking Expedia because if you go right to the car rental’s website you probably won’t find these deals.

I originally booked a car (midsize) for March 12-20 in Miami for $415 CDN and felt that was a fair price. (last month)

That is probably the average of what we have spent the last few years on a car in that time period.

So yesterday I check back with Expedia and it turns out a bigger car (mid size SUV) is now down to $310 CDN!!! This is with Thrifty and not some of those questionable places.

I have a friend that found the exact same thing for a Tampa rental car as well on Expedia.

So I checked a few other locations and found the same for Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando.

So I’m pretty happy with myself to have saved about $100 and I check again today to see what going on with the car price and I get this.



$243 CDN!!! Midsize SUV

So, in 2 days I have saved $172 CDN.

I’m not saying you will get the same savings but it is definitely worth looking right now.




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