What to do with 50,000 Amex MR points?

So I know many people in this scenario it turns out.

They got the Amex Gold Rewards Card and so did their spouse/partner/travel partner.

If you want the 25,000 point bonus for free just go to our Amex page and get Gold rewards Card.

They each got 25,000 points for signing up but no more referral bonus any more.

“So” they ask, “now what?”

Well, there are a few options I myself am mulling over right now.

  1. You can just straight up use them for travel using Amex tripflex worth $500 in travel total – not the best idea.
  2. You can convert them to certain airline points. You would get 50,000 total Aeroplan and with the current 25% to Avios bonus you would have 62,500 Avios between you. (better) To keep it simple with both those options you are looking at a free flight each at least – with Avios you can actually book 4 free flights with those points. See our Avios page.
  3. You can convert them to hotel points – 50,000 Hilton or 25,000 Starwood.


Bearing in mind that is all free travel, it’s all pretty good!

I have done a few posts lately about how our lower CDN dollar is hurting us for travelling to the US, but keeping hotel points is helping us. Why? Because 1 Starpoint is 1 Starpoint CDN OR US!

This is good information to have.

Now, 62,500 family Avios will fly you and 3 other people(15,000 Avios each) about 2300 miles or 3700 KMs round trip. (see Avios page)

One example of that for my family is Cleveland to Miami. 2218 miles round trip.

4 free flights. boom.done. Worth? about $1600.

Can’t beat that, right?


Believe it or not you can get more value out of Starpoints in certain circumstances.

I’ll give you one such example.

So you have 25,000 Starpoints between you – let’s say you spend a little extra and you convert 56,000 Amex MR points to 28,000 Starpoints. (might take an extra month to spend that- well worth it as you will see)

OK. Firstly that will get you 4 nights at a Category 3 Starwood hotel (7000/night)

Wait. There is a bonus where if you book 4 nights consecutively you get the fifth free. nice.

Using Hotel Hustle I’ll save a bunch of time looking for Starwood properties in locations I want to go.

Remember, using them in the US rather than Canada pays best.

All of these hotels below would cost you 28,000 Starpoints.

Ft. Lauderdale/Miami?


That equals (today) $1542 CDN




That equals $1348 CDN




That equals $1750 CDN


…and so on…

So, there is something to be said for converting them to Starpoints – especially when the CDN dollar is low!

Much better option than just using them as Trip Flex points worth $500 anyways.








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