Get South this March Break!

So lately I’ve had a few people come up to me and ask how I can afford to go to Florida again on March break after I was just there in December.


Well, when you hardly spend any money other than groceries it is not that hard.

You have to buy food anyway right?

I have done a few pages that are the “most commonly asked questions” I get on a daily basis.

“How DO You Do This” is just that – how you get started on this process.

“A Free Week In Florida” is the same – how you get to and stay in Florida for free.

It takes times – don’t get me wrong. But since we don’t travel every single month, we end up “banking” our flight and hotel points for the future trips.

My pages are for starters like you may be – I’ll leave the more complicated posts and pages to the pros – but I personally don’t know anyone that travels by themselves first class all over the world.

I do hear friends lamenting all the time about needing a vacation South, how bad our dollar is, hard to find cheap flights, etc.

Well go South! Drive if you have to – GAS IS CHEAP! Put up with the kids for a long day – BUT DO IT!

Starting the process of collecting points is frustrating but is extremely rewarding.

One cheap way to do it  – drive down this time, get some hotel points now and stay for free.

It is that simple – our pages I mention above show you 1 or 2 cards to get now to be ready for this March break.

GO!!! why not?




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