Hopper to the Rescue…

When booking and finding flights for people I usually have to book a family so every cent saved helps.



Most of the people I know appreciate saving a few bucks on flights so this is important.

I had specific flights picked out for a destination that I knew I couldn’t use my Avios for, so it was going to be cash.

I usually keep Google flights up and ready for this and this time was no exception.





It showed me what I needed to know – times, prices, airlines other options.

Where the Hopper App comes in saved me money.

There was a flight I was watching on Hopper (you can do that on other sites, yes) that gave me the message “Wait for a better price” and Why. It gave me the possible prices this flight could dip down to in the next few days – AND IT WAS EXACTLY RIGHT!

It also tells you when the prices will start to rise on the flight as well.

Turns out, it gave me exactly the correct day to buy the flights and saved me about$25/flight.

That’s $100 when booking 4 flights and that’s something.

Go to hopper.com and check it out – it’s a fun travel tool to use.


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