Getting to Florida…on a budget.

So, my family and I just got back from a nice trip to Florida in which we drove the whole way.

Map to Florida, USA

As we were driving I was noticing how cheap gas is in the US – it averaged $1.90/gallon – way cheaper than our current $1.00/litre even with exchange!

I also noticed how we used points for our hotel stays the first nights of driving and started to think about this post – YOU CAN GET TO FLORIDA CHEAP IF YOU WANT!

March break is coming and if you can’t afford to fly and haven’t bothered reading any of my posts on how to fly for free – consider driving!


But wait you say – “why didn’t you find free flights then?”

Believe me, I looked for months – many months – almost a year in advance and couldn’t find any – I had email and expert flyer alerts and still nothing – so we drove.

Driving with young children can be tough – but it wasn’t – this time – we got lucky our kids behaved really well.



We have a page devoted to this already – “A Free Week in Florida”

That talks about flights. I’m going to tell you right now that gas costed us about $300 US total with a RAM truck for a 20 hour trip there and back.

That’s about the price of 1 flight. But that got 4 of us there.

Yes, we needed hotels for 2 nights but of course we had hotel points so that cost us nothing extra.

Yes, we had to eat, but we packed lunches and just ate dinners out as the hotels offered free breakfasts!


What we didn’t have to do was rent a car for a week – that right there saves you about $350 US or about $500 CDN.

Now, we rented a house which was planned months in advance but with certain hotel credit cards you could easily stay a week in Florida for free.

See our page mentioned above or see our page on “How Do You Do This?”

It’s easy and you have time – approx. 2 months till our Canadian March break – you can have enough points through the Amex Starwood Card, the Chase Marriott Card or MBNA Best Western Mastercard TO STAY A WEEK FOR FREE!

This is the time to try this out – New Year – why not?


Seriously, if you haven’t been to Florida and want to go and stay for a week cheaply get one of those above mentioned cards and drive down.

If you can drive it in one day you will save 2 free hotel nights as well.

For us it would be leave at 4am and get into our place around midnight – tough, but can be done.

Anyways, it’s a frugal way to go, but you won’t break the bank!






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