Just a GREAT Bonus.

I was asked by 3 separate people this week, “What exactly do I get with this card again?”









So I go over everything I’ve said about this card for over 4 years now – and I don’t mind because more people are getting free stuff.

Well, first off – it’s free first year – which is truly amazing when you consider what you get with the card.

Also, don’t get credit cards if you can’t manage your money wisely – you will pay in the end.

You spend $500 and you get a 25,000 point Amex MR bonus.

  1. You can use that for $250 worth of travel.For free. just book the travel on that card.
  2. You can just cash it in for a $200 Amex gift card. For free.
  3. You can just cash it in for $200 in restaurant gift cards. For free.
  4. You can use it for $250 worth of ticketmaster credits. For free.
  5. You can redeem it for all sorts of cool toys – but probably worth less than $250. For free.
  6. You can just cash it in for $200 in hotel gift cards. For free.

Here is our link to apply for the card if you’d like to get referred by us. Thanks if you do!

Those options are fine if you just want to take the money and run. It is free you know!

These last 2 options are the best use of Amex MR points.

A) Transfer them to hotel points – either Hilton (1:1) or SPG  (1:0.5)

You could get 25,000 Hilton points or 12,500 SPG points – very good!

B)    Transfer them to airline points – Avios, Delta, Asia Miles, Etihad Guest, Alitalia, or Aeroplan.


We here focus on Avios and then Aeroplan so you would get 25,000 of either of those airline points.

That is why you see that advertisement “Get a free flight when you sign up for the Gold Rewards Card”

Our pages on Avios and Aeroplan explain more on that, but usually most people would take a free flight anywhere in the continental US or Canada over $250 in travel – but not always.

So there is what you can do with that 25,000 MR sign up bonus!

(For free)




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