Collecting Hotel points when CDN dollar low.

Well, more conversations this week about this topic.

Tis the season to travel and people want to know how to save money on their trips over the Christmas holidays.

I have done numerous posts on hotel points over the past couple years and it is always worth mentioning.

If you just google “hotel point values” you will get many bloggers take on what  they are valued at, but mostly all valuations end up appox. the same. Here is a chart from “One mile at a time”


Excellent blogger by the way.

There are bank and airline miles posted there as well.

The points is  – these valuations are US cents/point which actually makes collecting these points more valuable for Canadians.

These valuations are based on averages and list 2 of the 3 Canadian Hotel credit cards we can get here.

Current sign up bonuses for the 3 CDN hotel credit cards are:

  1. Chase Marriott Visa – 50,000 points (still hopefully) + free night
  2. Amex Starwood Preferred Guest – 20,000 points
  3. Best Western MBNA Mastercard – 40,000 points

If you go by the above valuations that gives you $400 in Marriott stays, $440 in Starwood stays and ? for Best Western. Best Western is generally 0.6/ point or $240 in stays.

That adds up to $1080 US. That is $1440 CDN as of today, Dec 4/2015.

I have found over the last few years that when booking these places I get about 1 cent per Marriott and Best Western point and 4-5 cents per Starwood point.

That adds up to $1700 – $1900 CDN and probably more realistic.

Starwood is the best card of the 3 because of the point valuations and the fact you can convert those points to airline points as well.

It carries a $120 annual fee, but if you can refer a friend you pick up another 10,000 points or $400-$500 in hotel stays! That part is awesome.

Here is “The Points Guy” chart for valuations – again US based.


Bottom line – our lower dollar increases the value of these points for Canadians – grab one of these cards and start staying for free!





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