Why didn’t you tell me this 4 years ago?

I had a few conversations this week with some co-workers about hotel points only – just hotel points.

Rewards Canada was the first and still is the best Canadian blogger about these topics.

Patrick, the founder has a great website and you should all check it out when you get a minute.

A couple of workers in different conversations asked me how I stayed in so many different hotels for free.

Well, collecting hotel points, quite simply.

In the last 4 years we have stayed in Best Westerns, Marriotts, Holiday Inns and all Starwood brands.

Yes, some you get started with their c0-branded credit card and spend like crazy and others you look for hotel points bonuses posted by Rewards Canada.

Now, the latest has only 3 Canadian Hotel credit cards left out there as opposed to 5 a year or so ago.






But you know what? That is probably good enough for most people.

We have a page How do you do this that gets you the Marriott and Starwood card.

The Best Western card link is here.

If you want to stay a few places over the Christmas holidays for free, one of these 3 credit cards will get you started – some take a month to get points, sometimes you get points immediately – Marriott usually.

The Starwood card is $120 a year but you get the most value from this card – many people avoid fees but when you do the simple math it pays you with the most band for the buck!

spg card





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