2 Extremely helpful Travel Tools

In this hobby/game in order to stay on top of things and find great deals, ways to travel free, etc you need to be active on social media.

I follow many CDN and US bloggers and both Facebook and Twitter and now and then you find something really cool.

Well in the last 2 days I have found 2 new cool things.

The first is an APP called Hopper.

Frequent Miler out of the US wrote a great article on it.

All I can say is add this APP to your phone because it is great – and fun.

It is an airfare prediction tool, and it comes back with what it considers good deals, when to buy, and many more cool things. I can’t do the article justice – give it a read!

The second is really good news for me and others that fly using Avios.

All the bad news last week in the travel blogging world was how BA was getting rid of the 4500 points short haul flight redemption (see our Avios page) and all flights now were at least 7500 points. (in the US only)

This hurt. Our regular flight from Detroit – Orlando or Tampa goes from 18,000 – 24,000 Avios to 30,000 Avios. Because it has a stopover in PHL or CLT or DCA.

You can still get Detroit – Miami for 20,000 Avios if you can find it.

But a great article – probably the most informative and eye-opening I’ve read in a few years alleviated my fears. Thanks to Tiffany at One Mile at a Time.

You need to read the article again as it explains things very well.

Basically it is saying to register with Iberia who also use Avios and because the chart they use for Avios redemptions is pretty nice.

iberia chart

I’ll give you one example but it’s a good one.

Detroit – Orlando driving miles is over 1000.

The flight distance is 957 miles x 2 = 1914 miles or 17,000 Avios in Economy.

You will still have same stop in Charlotte or wherever and fly on American but you actually save Avios and pay an extra $10 in taxes per flight.

This is great news and 2 great pieces of information in the last 2 days!

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