$2000 in Hotel stays for $240

I did a post a few weeks back on renting vs. using hotel points for a vacation.

I picked Starwood specifically because, quite simply they are awesome.

The Starwood Preferred Guest Amex card is continually ranked the #1 hotel credit card in Canada.

I have had all the Canadian hotel credit cards and this one is easily the best – but people won’t get it because of the $120 annual fee that is never waived.

So I’m going to show you what that $120 (x2) will get you.

I’m going to use the hotel from last weeks post.

Here is the first screen shot you will need.


So…starting at $305 US a night…or 10,000 Starpoints.

As I have explained before you get the card, spend $500 on it,(20,000 points) refer your travel partner (10,000 points) and they do the same spend (20,000 points) you end up with over 50,000 Starpoints between you which will get you 6 nights at this place when you combine your accounts into a family account.

Now, bear in mind this is for a standard room with 2 Double beds with a private balcony – you may need to negotiate with them to see what a 1bd. or 2 bd. suite goes for.

Here are your options.


So, as you can see it is 8333 Starpoints a night or 50,000 total.

Or if you pay cash…


Over $2100 US!!!

That is why you pay the measly $120 annual fee per person – you are up well over $2000 CDN in hotel stays.

Here is the link to this hotel – but there are MANY all over you can get this kind of value out of Starpoints.

If you got this far and would like this great card – here is our referral link and thanks!

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