Great Best Western APP Bonus!

So Best Western has a great bonus when using their NEW Best Western to go App as reported by Rewards Canada.

It’s 5000 Best Western points when you book your first hotel using the app – now you may not know what that gets you, but I’ll tell you!
Generally, 12,000 points can get you a decent hotel with a pool and perhaps a free breakfast with a standard hotel room.
Not their top hotels, but decent enough for sure.
So when you use this app you are almost getting half the points needed for some of their hotel nights.
I am very aware of Best Western as I love the Canadian Mastercard they offer and have stayed many nights for free using my BW points.
I looked up some hotels that were 12,000 points and they ranged in price from $80 – $120 US a night.
So, if you valued 12,000 points at roughly $120.00 CDN you wouldn’t be far off.
That being said 5000 points for using their app to book a hotel gets you about $50 CDN in hotel stays!
That is pretty great just to use an app to book a room. Try it!
Here is the link for the MBNA Best Western Mastercard for Canadians. 40,000 point bonus!

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