Best Western 40,000 point Sign Up Bonus is Back

The MBNA Best Western Mastercard 40,000 point sign-up bonus is back as reported by Pointshogger over the weekend.

This is a great promo and although not as good as the last few years (50,000 and 60,000) it is still a nice bonus.

I myself first got this card 3 years ago and it was my first foray into Hotel credit cards with a 50,000 points sign-up bonus.

As a couple that gets you over 80,000 Best Western points which is nice to have when you are about to go somewhere.

The hotels start at 12,000 points and generally go up in 6000 point increments depending on price of the hotel.

I have stayed in hotels for 12,000 points (Knoxville Tenn.) that still have free breakfasts and an indoor pool which sometimes can be enough for people – it is for us!

I have also stayed in hotels for 24,000 that are nicer (Miami/Myrtle Beach).

As other bloggers say this one is a no brainer to get as it is free card(no fee) and Mastercard is pretty much accepted everywhere.

I know many people that have gotten this card more than one time, so unless you just cancelled this card, it may be time to re-apply for this great card.

Here is the application link for their website.

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