Google flights is awesome.

I did a post last year about how cool google flights is.

I just love all the functions it has but my favourite is the “Explore Destinations” map.

Say if you were lucky enough to have a free weekend to travel somewhere and didn’t know where you wanted to go yet. Say you had a budget of $150 for a flight per person.

You already had enough hotel points to stay anywhere (you should)  this page will get you started in Canada.

So…what to do now? Where to go?

For this example I picked to fly out of Detroit, but then you can also pick airports close by as well.

I know from doing this awhile that will usually be the cheapest flight out, but sometimes Cleveland or Flint will come up cheaper..

Then the fun part.

Pick your dates – I picked Sat. Oct 17  – Tuesday Oct. 20 – extra long weekend if you could do it.

Don’t pick a destination – click “explore destinations” on the map that comes up.


Then zoom in on the map and see where you could go for that price!

Ft. Lauderdale $121

Boston $154

NYC $190

New Orleans $168

Dallas $141

Kansas City $91

These prices are Canadian and Round trip!

Try it – you may get hooked.

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