“You Should Tell People That”

Yes I should. But it’s a good thing.

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I was having a conversation with a co-worker and mentioned that in 4 years of doing this my credit rating hasn’t changed one bit.

Yes, it’s gone up and down – but it is the exact same number it was 4 years ago when I started using credit cards for points rather than taking the same measly rewards they offer most people out there using cards.

You know what I mean – Canadian Tire Mastercard – free hose once in awhile/ PC Mastercard – free burgers every now and then – WHATEVER!!!

I mean really. $20 in free groceries to sign up? That is horrible.

Look into it. Hotel cards giving you free hotel nights/Amex cards giving you free flights/ just to use their credit card a few times!

So, I am telling you that – now. My credit rating is the same as it was 4 years ago when I just had the PC Mastercard. I know a manager at a bank that reluctantly gave me the same news – if you pay your bills and are responsible with credit…well maybe you could pick up one or two more cards and not worry about your credit rating.

I did a post last year called credit card spreadsheet – give it a read – I think it is quite interesting.

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