Rental Car Scams Part 2

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Well, I did a post a few months back about Car rental places scamming your money and it seems they still practice this! I am really shocked at this!

This scam was different than before – it seems they have many ways to get you…who knew?

You have to be so careful when you rent a car through these places now – your original quote from your email rarely matches what you end up paying.

Make no mistake – the workers are on commission and will try to get every penny out of you.

If you remember nothing else from this post, remember that.

So, I turn down the extra insurance, “full tank charge” and something else that was worthless and initial I am taking the car – no price on the screen.

My rental went from 4pm Monday to 4pm Thursday so 3 full days.

I took the car at 3:17 Monday.

No mention of extra charge.

No mention of being early 43 minutes.

No mention of option of waiting till 4pm so it wouldn’t cost more.

I can guarantee you the agent was trying to get every penny and just clicked “Early pick up- 1 hr. – $25” or something like that.

Funny thing though when we returned our car on time the Thursday, the original price from the email was on my receipt, so I had no reason to suspect anything – why would I?

Lucky I check credit card statements regularly.

There was an extra $25 tacked onto my bill?

Is this even legal? Well, it probably is the way they do it – even though my receipt said $25 cheaper.

Now after communications back and forth for a week I finally get my $25 back.

I have 3 problems with this scenario (which probably happens to many every day)

  1. my receipt says one amount, how can my credit card be billed for more?
  2. the blatant dishonesty of the company re. no mention of extra charges or any options like that. (don’t get me started on the “extra insurance”)
  3. the fact I had to argue back and forth for a week to get $25 back

Next time you get a rental car – remember they are out to get every penny.

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