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48 hour sale – 4 Star in the DR for $395 + taxes

Do you need a good travel agent?

Karen is your answer.

Check out this deal and call/email her for any travel needs.

519-542-1009/ visit her in the Kenwick building, Sarnia


Best Western 40,000 point Sign Up Bonus is Back

The MBNA Best Western Mastercard 40,000 point sign-up bonus is back as reported by Pointshogger over the weekend.

This is a great promo and although not as good as the last few years (50,000 and 60,000) it is still a nice bonus.

I myself first got this card 3 years ago and it was my first foray into Hotel credit cards with a 50,000 points sign-up bonus.

As a couple that gets you over 80,000 Best Western points which is nice to have when you are about to go somewhere.

The hotels start at 12,000 points and generally go up in 6000 point increments depending on price of the hotel.

I have stayed in hotels for 12,000 points (Knoxville Tenn.) that still have free breakfasts and an indoor pool which sometimes can be enough for people – it is for us!

I have also stayed in hotels for 24,000 that are nicer (Miami/Myrtle Beach).

As other bloggers say this one is a no brainer to get as it is free card(no fee) and Mastercard is pretty much accepted everywhere.

I know many people that have gotten this card more than one time, so unless you just cancelled this card, it may be time to re-apply for this great card.

Here is the application link for their website.

How is this even possible? Detroit – Myrtle Beach $68 Round trip!!!

Detroit – Myrtle Beach in mid November for $68 US round trip.

Ya, it’s Spirit, but c’mon that is insane.

They have a sale going on till Sunday Sept. 27 .


Just an incredible deal, plug in some dates and places and fly somewhere cheap!


Bunch of last minute All Inclusives! Wow.

If you can go in the next few days there are some fantastic deals here!

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These are through Signature Vacations you can book through Karen, our travel agent.

She can be reached at 519-542-1009/ visit her in Kenwick Building, Sarnia.


4.5 STAR for $399 plus!

Karen just finds deals – check her page out anytime.

Usually by Wednesday of the week all the deals are up – today’s deal is nice.

519-542-1009/ see her in the Kenwick Building Sarnia


Google flights is awesome.

I did a post last year about how cool google flights is.

I just love all the functions it has but my favourite is the “Explore Destinations” map.

Say if you were lucky enough to have a free weekend to travel somewhere and didn’t know where you wanted to go yet. Say you had a budget of $150 for a flight per person.

You already had enough hotel points to stay anywhere (you should)  this page will get you started in Canada.

So…what to do now? Where to go?

For this example I picked to fly out of Detroit, but then you can also pick airports close by as well.

I know from doing this awhile that will usually be the cheapest flight out, but sometimes Cleveland or Flint will come up cheaper..

Then the fun part.

Pick your dates – I picked Sat. Oct 17  – Tuesday Oct. 20 – extra long weekend if you could do it.

Don’t pick a destination – click “explore destinations” on the map that comes up.


Then zoom in on the map and see where you could go for that price!

Ft. Lauderdale $121

Boston $154

NYC $190

New Orleans $168

Dallas $141

Kansas City $91

These prices are Canadian and Round trip!

Try it – you may get hooked.

Bunch of ALL INCLUSIVES posted!

Karen has so many deals – I’ll put one here but check her page.

Or better yet call her at 519-542-1009/ email visit her in the Kenwick Building Sarnia.

This deal is for a 4 plus star in October/November for $295 plus taxes. That is 1 WEEK All Inclusive in Puerto Plata.

She will find you something.


More great Spirit Deals!

Love ’em or hate ’em – Spirit airlines has amazing deals – and we love em!

Fort Lauderdale from $23.10 each way? ARE YOU SERIOUS???

We were talking at lunch today – you are losing money NOT going to Ft. Lauderdale!!!

Now, good luck convincing your significant other on that one…but maybe?

Here are the current specials – just go check their website.

We just stick with Detroit departures.


“You Should Tell People That”

Yes I should. But it’s a good thing.

Related image

I was having a conversation with a co-worker and mentioned that in 4 years of doing this my credit rating hasn’t changed one bit.

Yes, it’s gone up and down – but it is the exact same number it was 4 years ago when I started using credit cards for points rather than taking the same measly rewards they offer most people out there using cards.

You know what I mean – Canadian Tire Mastercard – free hose once in awhile/ PC Mastercard – free burgers every now and then – WHATEVER!!!

I mean really. $20 in free groceries to sign up? That is horrible.

Look into it. Hotel cards giving you free hotel nights/Amex cards giving you free flights/ just to use their credit card a few times!

So, I am telling you that – now. My credit rating is the same as it was 4 years ago when I just had the PC Mastercard. I know a manager at a bank that reluctantly gave me the same news – if you pay your bills and are responsible with credit…well maybe you could pick up one or two more cards and not worry about your credit rating.

I did a post last year called credit card spreadsheet – give it a read – I think it is quite interesting.

4.5 STAR $695 TOTAL! Cuba Cayo Santa Maria

Karen has found a sweet deal – check this out and call her.

519-542-1009/ check her page out -she has so much.