4 Vacations in 6 months…All Paid for using points!

Yes, I do go on about collecting points – and there is a reason – FREE TRAVEL!


My wife and I have been collecting points for about 4 years now and it is really starting to pay off.

A few of my co-workers have started doing the same and are reaping the rewards as well.

What Points?

Amex MR points/Avios points/Hotel points

That’s it. It may take awhile to get as many as us, but start now – it is also easier when you work together “referring” each other when getting Amex cards.

Our page “How do you do this” explains how you get started. If you are looking for a bunch of travel points right away (never a bad thing) get those 3 cards and refer each other(Amex cards)!

We have gotten these 3 cards (maybe more than once each) over the years and because of the sign up bonuses stay in hotels and fly free.

Here is what I (we) have done since March.

March, 2015 – flew to Orlando from Detroit (4 of us) used 72,000 Avios and actually paid for our condo this time as we wanted to save points for other things.

Saved? About $1500 or so on flights.

April, 2015 – flew to Miami (me) used 20,000 Avios for flights and 30,000 Avios for hotel rooms.

Saved? About $400 on flight/$300 on hotel rooms.

July, 2015 – flew to Atlantic City (me) used 15,000 MR points and 21,000 Hotel (Starwood) points

Saved? $150 on flight/$1000 on hotel rooms.

August, 2015 – flew to Myrtle Beach (4 of us) used 60,000 MR points and 72,000 Hotel (Best Western) points

Saved? $600 on flights/$600 on hotel rooms.

And we still have many points leftover from collecting them for 4 years!

Try it…you’ll love collecting and traveling free!

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