Stock up on Hotel nights…NOW!

I had the same conversation 3 times in the past week with 3 different people, which prompted me to do this post.

All of a sudden people want to go somewhere – end of summer coming? August cheap flights? whatever the reason, 3 different people mentioned to me they were going somewhere in the next 3 weeks and wondered where to stay.

In all those cases if they would have “pre-banked” hotel nights they wouldn’t have to pay for hotels for these trips.


I have probably done 5-6 posts on this in the last 20 months so I am not going into a whole rant about it today.

I will leave a link that shows you where you can get the “free nights”

If you travel with a partner/spouse/friend you can more than double up on these nights.

But even getting one of these hotel credit cards will get you started like many of the people I know – inevitably they end up getting 2 or 3 hotel cards but 1 card may convince you this is a pastime worth looking into.

If you and a partner needed a whole bunch of hotel nights and you got all 3 cards – it would cost you $240 each in annual fees.

So…$480? That is alot of money. Is it?…when you are perhaps spending thousands on hotel rooms.

To keep it simple, I’ll just post about how many hotel nights you would get with those cards and referring each other on the Amex. (Based on an average hotel room at $125-$150/night)

You would have over 20 nights in hotels right there, or probably around $3000 in hotel stays.

Give the previous post I highlighted a read and see for yourself.

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