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4 Vacations in 6 months…All Paid for using points!

Yes, I do go on about collecting points – and there is a reason – FREE TRAVEL!


My wife and I have been collecting points for about 4 years now and it is really starting to pay off.

A few of my co-workers have started doing the same and are reaping the rewards as well.

What Points?

Amex MR points/Avios points/Hotel points

That’s it. It may take awhile to get as many as us, but start now – it is also easier when you work together “referring” each other when getting Amex cards.

Our page “How do you do this” explains how you get started. If you are looking for a bunch of travel points right away (never a bad thing) get those 3 cards and refer each other(Amex cards)!

We have gotten these 3 cards (maybe more than once each) over the years and because of the sign up bonuses stay in hotels and fly free.

Here is what I (we) have done since March.

March, 2015 – flew to Orlando from Detroit (4 of us) used 72,000 Avios and actually paid for our condo this time as we wanted to save points for other things.

Saved? About $1500 or so on flights.

April, 2015 – flew to Miami (me) used 20,000 Avios for flights and 30,000 Avios for hotel rooms.

Saved? About $400 on flight/$300 on hotel rooms.

July, 2015 – flew to Atlantic City (me) used 15,000 MR points and 21,000 Hotel (Starwood) points

Saved? $150 on flight/$1000 on hotel rooms.

August, 2015 – flew to Myrtle Beach (4 of us) used 60,000 MR points and 72,000 Hotel (Best Western) points

Saved? $600 on flights/$600 on hotel rooms.

And we still have many points leftover from collecting them for 4 years!

Try it…you’ll love collecting and traveling free!

Get This Bonus While You Can!

When this bonus is over I just know a whole bunch of co-workers are going to bug me why I didn’t tell them about this while they had a chance.


Well, I am telling you now…get this bonus while you can and still have some time to do it!

I have a whole page devoted to this!

What it is simply…Get the Amex Gold (25,000 pts) (free), refer a partner/spouse/etc(10,000 + 25,000 for them), and between the two of you, you will have 60,000 Amex points =  75,000 FREE AVIOS.

That is just such a good deal.

You can get the 25% bonus Avios until Sept 30.

Our pages show you how to do this, but if you really want to be sure both of you get the bonus, DO IT SOON!

Of course it is a credit card so if you have problems paying off bills or have never been good with credit – don’t do this.

Amex wants your business and the sign-up bonus for this card is just so good.

You can apply here and get referred by us, or just go to their site.

Follow our pages on how to get the bonus, how to book free flights,how to sign up for Avios, etc.

More All Inclusives! Some Sweet Deals…

So many deals, check Karen’s page.

Here are a few more…




Less than $700 total for a 4.5 Star in September!

Karen has All Inclusives – lots of them.

Check out her latest.

She can be reached at 519-542-1009/ email


Stock up on Hotel nights…NOW!

I had the same conversation 3 times in the past week with 3 different people, which prompted me to do this post.

All of a sudden people want to go somewhere – end of summer coming? August cheap flights? whatever the reason, 3 different people mentioned to me they were going somewhere in the next 3 weeks and wondered where to stay.

In all those cases if they would have “pre-banked” hotel nights they wouldn’t have to pay for hotels for these trips.


I have probably done 5-6 posts on this in the last 20 months so I am not going into a whole rant about it today.

I will leave a link that shows you where you can get the “free nights”

If you travel with a partner/spouse/friend you can more than double up on these nights.

But even getting one of these hotel credit cards will get you started like many of the people I know – inevitably they end up getting 2 or 3 hotel cards but 1 card may convince you this is a pastime worth looking into.

If you and a partner needed a whole bunch of hotel nights and you got all 3 cards – it would cost you $240 each in annual fees.

So…$480? That is alot of money. Is it?…when you are perhaps spending thousands on hotel rooms.

To keep it simple, I’ll just post about how many hotel nights you would get with those cards and referring each other on the Amex. (Based on an average hotel room at $125-$150/night)

You would have over 20 nights in hotels right there, or probably around $3000 in hotel stays.

Give the previous post I highlighted a read and see for yourself.

More All Inclusive Deals Posted

Karen just sent us more All Inclusive deals.

Sooo many deals – especially if you can go in September.

Here is just one of many – go to her page!


Cuba in Sept. $165 + taxes 1 WEEK ALL INCLUSIVE!!!

You have to call this lady, seriously.

Karen finds so many deals it is unreal.

519-542-1009/ her in the Kenwick Building Sarnia

Remember she is a licensed agent – call her for any travel needs!


All Inclusives Sept or Oct? DEALS!

Go talk to Karen – she has so many deals it’s crazy.

She is a licensed travel agent – you can contact her at 519-542-1009/ email visit her in the Kenwick Building Sarnia.

On a side note – there are VERY cheap flight prices right now for late August travel!

If you are thinking MYRTLE BEACH/ATLANTIC CITY/NEW ORLEANS/KANSAS CITY/SOME FLORIDA PLACES – check Spirit for those. Other cities check google flights but some great deals NOW!!!