$1200 in hotel stays for $120.

I absolutely love this card.

The Amex Starwood Preferred Guest card is the best Canadian Hotel Credit Card out there.

Here is a link that says it all – Patrick has been doing this for over 10 years.

I just booked the Atlantic City Convention Centre for a Saturday this summer which would cost $350 US or around $440 CDN. or 7000 points.

When you get this card and spend only $1000 on it, you get 21,000 Starpoints.

That is 3 stays in this hotel – or over $1300 in stays on a Saturday.

We have done many posts on this card – get it while you can at the current bonus of 20,000 Starpoints – they can lower it to 10,000 at any time!

Yes, it’s $120 annual fee. I just showed you one of many examples of what this card can get you.

You are way ahead when you get this card – refer a spouse/partner and they get those points and you pick up another 10,000 points. Such a great deal!

2 responses to “$1200 in hotel stays for $120.”

  1. Mike says :

    A year After initial sign up , SPG Amex is just isn’t worth it with the $120 fee . SPG Amex canada doesn’t have an annual SPG 2 stays / 5 nights benefit like th e SPG Amex US card does . I would just trash and cancel it . Chase Amazon.ca visa with no foreign transaction fee is the card to use for travelling . It’s free and no fee and it’s worth the savings when charging in €,£ US$

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