Easy Way to Accumulate Hotel Rooms. Sheratons/4 Points/Westins. Read on!

Ok, I have done many posts in the past on the Amex Starwood Preferred Guest Card and all the great hotels you can get with this card.

It is this simple. Get the card. Spend $500 on it. Pay annual fee of $120. Get many free hotel nights at the above mentioned hotels.

Image result for starwood

Here is a post that will link you to other posts about this card.

The best part about this card is you can refer a friend/partner/spouse/whatever and more than double up on the points.

I have about 6 co-workers that have done this method with great results.

With the summer season here, many people are looking at travel and where to stay the next few months. This method can save you hundreds of dollars. I’m not kidding. Even a couple thousand dollars.

Last week alone I had 4 or 5 co-workers ask me about the best hotel credit card – I like this one because of the fact you can refer someone else and pick up extra points.

Yes, there is a $120 fee, but when you do some simple math you are way up.

So, you get the card first. This link will take you directly to the Amex page or you can do it your self by going to their page. If you use our link we get referral points.

Read our previous post I mentioned earlier.

You get 20,000 Starpoints to sign up plus what you spend – let’s say you put $1000 on it total.

Basically you can get 7 nights in a Cat 3 hotel worth about $150 /night depending on what location you are looking for. So, if you just did this yourself – $1000 worth of hotel stays for $120.

That is usually the best redemption value for your points and will take you farthest.

Why? If you refer your partner you pick up 10,000 more points, they get 21,000 points and you have 52,000 points between you.

You can get over $2000 worth of hotel stays for $120 + $120.

My previous post does go into it more – converting those points to airline points, etc – so give it a read.

Just thought this would be a good post for those of you heading out to summer holidays and needed to pick up some free nights!

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