What will $600 in travel get me this summer? PART 2 NEW ORLEANS

Last year around this time I started looking for trips a couple or family could take that were reasonably priced and would be a fun weekend trip. Here is the link.


1. Why $600? It’s the amount of free travel you get when you get the Amex Gold Rewards Card and refer your partner to it. (you $350/partner $250) I have done many posts on this. It works.

2. Most of the flights will be out of Detroit and most with Spirit who charge extra for checked bags, boarding passes, etc.


Well, Spirit once again has great prices to New Orleans out of Detroit this summer if you book them early enough.

I am part of their $9 club so I saved $20 per round trip flight.

Although in this case it might not be necessary

Here is a screenshot of what you can get late summer.


So…as cheap as $106 US round trip! (2 nights)

I’d probably go 3 nights so that would be $53 + $83 = $136 US = $175 CDN per person round trip.

1. You could use your Amex points ($600) to pay for most of those flights for 4 people ($700) and just pay for your hotel.

2. If it is just you and a partner, you still have $600 – $350 = $250 in travel to use up for 3 nights!

I would use one of my Starwood/Marriott/Best Western/IHG accounts and have free nights – you can still do this before August –  but let’s say you are paying for the hotels.

Expedia can show you the way here.

Now you can easily stay in New Orleans for 3 nights for $250.


Obviously not the best places, but you can do it.

Better places. (2 nights paid for out of 3)


So, depending on the hotel you stay in, this trip can cost you next to nothing or a few hundred dollars.

Still, a great little getaway late summer just using points that you can get for free!

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