It’s just free money…

We have an Amex page devoted to some Amex cards that give you great travel rewards.

I don’t like doing these posts, but here is a quicky.

I had a few co-workers this week ask me to do a post on this. I said just go to the Amex page – it has everything you need there. But sometimes all that info. is tough to absorb so I’ll mention one card today quickly.

The Amex Gold Rewards Card.

Once you spend $500 on it in the first 3 months you get 25,000 Amex MR points…or $250 in travel.

The people I have been chatting with just want the $250 towards travel. There you go – free money.

There is no charge for the card the first year – cancel when you want.

Wait. Refer your spouse/partner/whoever. You pick up another 10,000 points or $100.

They get the same $250.

Between you that is $600 in travel. for free.

Not the best use of those points, but the simplest – and that is just free money.

Remember, if you aren’t good with credit and paying bills on time, don’t do this. Also if you click our link we get referral points.

Here is the link. It goes right to the page.

goldcard ad

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