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Amazing Deal – Puerto Plata from $149 + taxes!!!

Karen has done it again.

Check out this deal – Transat Tuesday 72 hr. sale.

She has plenty of these – get in contact with this lady – she has been a travel agent since the 80’s!

She will find you SOMETHING. 519-542-1009/ visit her in the Kenwick Building, Sarnia.


Amex – 25% More Avios when you convert MR Points! (CANADA)

Well, the bonus I have been waiting for is finally here. I have been waiting patiently for this bonus for over 2 years. Yes, the last time this type of bonus was offered was in March 2013 – and it was 50% more Avios!

I’ll take this. It’s easy – if you have Amex MR points from one of the cards mentioned on our Amex page – you can convert those at a 25% bonus to BA Avios until Sept 30/2015.

I am going to do a whole new page on this tomorrow to show you the significance of this – it is big in our world!

For now – here is our link to the Amex Gold Rewards Card – it will get you started with 25,000 MR points after you spend $500 on it. With that bonus it’s actually 31,250 Avios – for free!


Easy Way to Accumulate Hotel Rooms. Sheratons/4 Points/Westins. Read on!

Ok, I have done many posts in the past on the Amex Starwood Preferred Guest Card and all the great hotels you can get with this card.

It is this simple. Get the card. Spend $500 on it. Pay annual fee of $120. Get many free hotel nights at the above mentioned hotels.

Image result for starwood

Here is a post that will link you to other posts about this card.

The best part about this card is you can refer a friend/partner/spouse/whatever and more than double up on the points.

I have about 6 co-workers that have done this method with great results.

With the summer season here, many people are looking at travel and where to stay the next few months. This method can save you hundreds of dollars. I’m not kidding. Even a couple thousand dollars.

Last week alone I had 4 or 5 co-workers ask me about the best hotel credit card – I like this one because of the fact you can refer someone else and pick up extra points.

Yes, there is a $120 fee, but when you do some simple math you are way up.

So, you get the card first. This link will take you directly to the Amex page or you can do it your self by going to their page. If you use our link we get referral points.

Read our previous post I mentioned earlier.

You get 20,000 Starpoints to sign up plus what you spend – let’s say you put $1000 on it total.

Basically you can get 7 nights in a Cat 3 hotel worth about $150 /night depending on what location you are looking for. So, if you just did this yourself – $1000 worth of hotel stays for $120.

That is usually the best redemption value for your points and will take you farthest.

Why? If you refer your partner you pick up 10,000 more points, they get 21,000 points and you have 52,000 points between you.

You can get over $2000 worth of hotel stays for $120 + $120.

My previous post does go into it more – converting those points to airline points, etc – so give it a read.

Just thought this would be a good post for those of you heading out to summer holidays and needed to pick up some free nights!

Karen found us some Great Deals!

Check these out – we know some of you are looking right now to get away as soon as summer starts!

Remember, Karen is a licensed travel agent, been doing this since the 80’s – she will help you out!

Call her – 519-542-1009/ email her visit her – Kenwick building, Sarnia.

Treat yourself!!! Doesn’t have to be these deals – she will find you something.



What will $600 in travel get me this summer? PART 2 NEW ORLEANS

Last year around this time I started looking for trips a couple or family could take that were reasonably priced and would be a fun weekend trip. Here is the link.

1. Why $600? It’s the amount of free travel you get when you get the Amex Gold Rewards Card and refer your partner to it. (you $350/partner $250) I have done many posts on this. It works.

2. Most of the flights will be out of Detroit and most with Spirit who charge extra for checked bags, boarding passes, etc.


Well, Spirit once again has great prices to New Orleans out of Detroit this summer if you book them early enough.

I am part of their $9 club so I saved $20 per round trip flight.

Although in this case it might not be necessary

Here is a screenshot of what you can get late summer.


So…as cheap as $106 US round trip! (2 nights)

I’d probably go 3 nights so that would be $53 + $83 = $136 US = $175 CDN per person round trip.

1. You could use your Amex points ($600) to pay for most of those flights for 4 people ($700) and just pay for your hotel.

2. If it is just you and a partner, you still have $600 – $350 = $250 in travel to use up for 3 nights!

I would use one of my Starwood/Marriott/Best Western/IHG accounts and have free nights – you can still do this before August –  but let’s say you are paying for the hotels.

Expedia can show you the way here.

Now you can easily stay in New Orleans for 3 nights for $250.


Obviously not the best places, but you can do it.

Better places. (2 nights paid for out of 3)


So, depending on the hotel you stay in, this trip can cost you next to nothing or a few hundred dollars.

Still, a great little getaway late summer just using points that you can get for free!

This one is soooo Affordable – you gotta go!

3 nights in Cuba from $95 + taxes


These are All Inclusives!!! Including flight!!!

Can you go in 2 days – a week?

Book it. Share this. Retweet this. Put it on your My Space page – whatever! 519-542-1009/ visit her in the Kenwick Building, Sarnia.


Why Trivago? Why Why Why any of these? Just in…Cuba on Sale!!!

I saw a commercial for Trivago last night and it made me wonder how many people use these sites and spend their hard earned cash on hotel rooms.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Trivago and those sites – they will save you money on a room most of the time.

I have been collecting hotel points for about 4 years now and blogging about it for 1.5 years.

The bottom line for most people/families is you don’t really need to pay for these rooms when the credit cards they offer give you the rooms for free – or sometimes an annual fee which is very reasonable compared to the price of a room.

There are 3 cards out there right now (CANADIANS) you could get which would cost you a total of $240 but would get you free rooms in Starwood/Marriott/IHG properties for many,many nights.

My last post on this subject, goes into detail about those 3 cards.

1. The best part of this post is the Starwood card sign-up bonus is actually 20,000 Starpoints right now, and you can refer you partner to the same card, pick up another 10,000 points and they get 20,000 points as well.

That’s 50,000 Starpoints for $240 total. That’s at least $1500 in hotel rooms, but easily more if you do a little research.

2. The Marriott Visa is great with it’s free night certificate and 50,000 points worth probably over $1000 in hotel rooms.

3. The IHG Mastercard is a nice deal too for $120 you get 60,000 IHG points. Worth 4 nights at a standard Holiday Inn.

Best Western bonus of 20,000 points is fine, but the worst of the 4.

The previous post was titled “Banking Hotel nights” which is exactly what you are doing.

Seriously, read that post. Many people I know and have told about this are taking advantage of these free nights – why not you?

Again, if you have bad credit/can’t pay bills on time, perhaps hotel branded credit cards aren’t for you – but if you have been stuck using the same ‘ol Canadian Tire/Presidents Choice Mastercard for years – GIVE THIS A TRY!!!

Then, after a year or so, you may ask yourself “Why Trivago? Why Why did I pay for hotel rooms?”

Cuba on Sale!


Great Deal Alert! and 2 Kids Stay and Eat FREE.

Check this great deal out from Karen.

Remember she is a licensed travel agent – you can go to her for anything.

519-542-1009/ visit her in the Kenwick building, Sarnia.


This is the Amex card we recommend for travel insurance.

Out of Country Unlimited Emergency Medical Insurance for cardholder, spouse and any dependents under 22 – you get 15 consecutive days!

Travel Interruption  – up to $1500 per person or a total of $6000 per claim.

Flight Delay, Baggage delay, Lost or Stolen Bag coverage.

No fee first year AND $250 travel credit. Incredible.

goldcard ad

It’s just free money…

We have an Amex page devoted to some Amex cards that give you great travel rewards.

I don’t like doing these posts, but here is a quicky.

I had a few co-workers this week ask me to do a post on this. I said just go to the Amex page – it has everything you need there. But sometimes all that info. is tough to absorb so I’ll mention one card today quickly.

The Amex Gold Rewards Card.

Once you spend $500 on it in the first 3 months you get 25,000 Amex MR points…or $250 in travel.

The people I have been chatting with just want the $250 towards travel. There you go – free money.

There is no charge for the card the first year – cancel when you want.

Wait. Refer your spouse/partner/whoever. You pick up another 10,000 points or $100.

They get the same $250.

Between you that is $600 in travel. for free.

Not the best use of those points, but the simplest – and that is just free money.

Remember, if you aren’t good with credit and paying bills on time, don’t do this. Also if you click our link we get referral points.

Here is the link. It goes right to the page.

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5 Star in Mexico for about $100/day ALL INCLUSIVE

More deals from Karen our travel agent. 519-542-1009/ visit her in the Kenwick building, Sarnia

Looking to go South soon? Check this out.

Remember she is a licensed agent, she can find you anything!