Shop.CA and RBC Rewards DOUBLE DIP Bonus!

These shopping portals are awesome!

Where else can you buy a $300 laptop and get enough points for a flight to New York City???

“Sure” you say “There is no way that is possible.”

Well it is THIS WEEKEND!!!


First off you need a RBC Rewards credit card.

Got mine. Done.

This weekend only they are offering 4x extra points on purchases at through their shopping portal. That means 5x total!


Combined with the fact is offering 10x Aeroplan points on all purchases this weekend!


So…you spend $300 on your RBC credit card and end up with 5x points total or 1500 RBC points. gives you 10x Aeroplan points this weekend as well on that purchase.

That is 3000 Aeroplan.

So you end up with 1500 RBC points and 3000 Aeroplan.

As we know you can convert Aeroplan to Avios at 1:1 through the RBC to Avios bonus – not currently offered – but probably some time this year.

The 1500 RBC points also get the bonus of 1.5x – when they offer this bonus! (1500 converts to 2250)

So you convert all those points over to Avios and you end up with 5250 Avios.

Many bloggers with more experience than I value those points at around 2 cents each or a little less. Lets call the value of those points roughly $100 in travel.

Remember, it only takes 4500 Avios for a short haul one way flight using your Avios.

For us here that is Detroit – NYC/Philadelphia/Washington/Charlotte.

So…if you are shopping online this weekend give it a try!

Remember, you need a RBC rewards credit card to do this!

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