Taking Advantage of Avios and Free Flights

I was talking with a co-worker last night about how far you can go on points, where you can go, etc. out of Detroit and a few others came over for a listen.


Quite simply, using Avios for short haul flights is a great/amazing/unbelievable way to fly…for FREE.

Since we are based out of Southern Ontario I usually use Detroit as our airport to fly to destinations – you can use Toronto but it can get expensive.

Here are 4 destinations you can go to from Detroit for the minimum amount of Avios. (9000 round trip)

New York City

Washington, DC

Philadelphia, PA

Charlotte, NC

Also Chicago, Toronto, etc but those are the 4 furthest.

So then the guy I was chatting with said, “I love Charlotte, how many credit cards or points to get me there for free?”

Umm…1 credit card. 3 Free Flights!

You spend – at most (double points on travel/gas/drugstores)- $2000 on the Amex Gold Rewards Card you get 25,000 points sign up bonus and 2000 more points.

27,000 points – convert to Avios at 1:1 – 27,000 Avios.

3 FREE FLIGHTS!!! (well taxes of about $8 per flight) to those above mentioned places.

Love it.

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