Half Price Disney!

Update – As of April 2, you can still get the SPG bonus, but we are not sure for how much longer.

I did a post a couple weeks back on Disney on a Budget.

After that post I kept looking into Disney pricing, hotels, food plans etc.

If you break down your trip, it seems to come down to 4 main expenses.

1. Airfare

2. Hotel

3. Tickets

4. Food

Yes, obviously there are other expenses but those are the big ones and the ones I will address.

So, to start I looked at 5 days at the end of August because I was told by a few people that was a good time to go – crowds less, prices down etc.

I mentioned in my first post don’t use Disney to find your flight – if you just let them pick any carrier they seem to pick Delta which won’t always get you the best air price.

1.  I also mentioned use points to find free flights, but if you can’t do that, here is what I found for well priced flights.


That is CDN too, so about $211 each plus maybe 2 checked bags for a family of 4 gets you to about $1000 CDN for 4 round trip flights.

Seems good, in my previous example I said $300 per flight so there is some money saved.

2. Hotel – Dolphin – Disney Resort.

Again, in my previous example I showed you how to use Starpoints to get your hotel for free for those 5 days.

Yes, you can. I’ll leave it at that for the hotel. Hotel valued at $2000 CDN. FREE.

3. Tickets. A 5 day trip. How many days worth of tickets is enough? 2?3? all 5?

Well, I think 3 days out of 5 works. You don’t get there till about noon, why waste a days ticket that day? Hang around the pool, explore the area, etc.

Here is what I found.


1131 US = about $1410.00 CDN today March 26/15

4. Food – in my previous post I also went over the food packages.

Basically, the middle food package which seemed like enough food for an average family was about $40 per person per day US.

So, $50 CDN times 4 people times 5 days = $1000 CDN in food.

I think that seems reasonable. But then I found if you don’t get one of their packages, you can’t get in on one of their dining packages. You know what? That’s fine. I think I could probably spend about that amount in meals per day. It comes out to $160 US per family per day.

So…how do you get that HALF PRICE?

Like I said before, you have to be willing to get a couple credit cards to make this work, and refer your travel partner.

1. Airfare. If you had the Amex Gold Rewards Card, referred your partner, that is $600 CDN in free travel money – the card has no annual fee the first year.

Here is the link to get going on that card.

So far:  Trip Cost of $1000 – $600 paid by Amex/$400 paid by you.

2. Hotel. If you had the Amex SPG Card (bonus good till March 31), referred your partner, that is 50,000 “family” Starpoints – the card always has a $120 fee x 2, but the points pay for the hotel with 10,000 points leftover. (Note – after March 31 you would have 25,000 Stapoints and would have to do some spending on card to get up to 40,000 points – $1 spent is 1 point)

Here is the link to get going on that card.

So far: Trip Cost of $3240 – $2600 paid by Amex/$400 paid by you + $240 in annual fees paid by you.

3. Tickets $1410 CDN

So far: Trip Cost of $4650 – $2600 paid by Amex/$1810 paid by you + $240 fees.

4. Food $1000 CDN

End Result: Trip Cost of $5650

$2600 paid by Amex

$2810 paid by you + $240 in fees

Of course there are different ways to save money – economy hotels, bring snacks, bagels, go to theme park less etc, but from my conversations lately with people that have been to Disney or are about to go this seems like a pretty normal scenario.

For time reasons if you are contemplating this, you should get the second card mentioned, the Amex SPG first, or before March 31 to fully take advantage of the 20,000 sign up bonus they will end in April.

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