Couple great deals about to EXPIRE soon.

Two great deals out there right now about to expire on March 31 are:

1. Free credit score and monitoring from Equifax for a year!

That’s a $240 value at $20 per month. Canadian Kilometers wrote a great article on this so I’ll just put the link up for that.

That is just awesome, I’ll just leave it at that.

2. The Amex Starwood Perferred Guest Card sign up bonus of 20,000 Starpoints.

This is the TOP hotel credit card out there in Canada according to the authority on this in Canada, Rewards Canada.

I have been following this for about 4 years now and 100% agree – this is the hotel credit card to get in Canada. The bonus goes down to 10,000 points starting in April. Here is the link to apply for that card.

I have done many post on this card in the past, and have found you can easily get $600 – $1000 in hotel stays with this card for the annual fee of $120.

If you have a spouse/partner that travels with you I recommend you refer that person to the card for an extra 10,000 points but there is not enough time for that now, but you could both get that card and have 20,000 points each at this point.

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