$400.00 in bonus travel money – free – thanks, Amex!

I did a post back on October 10 that talked about the Amex Gold Business Reward Card.

I used that for most of my spending around Christmas and paid some bills with it.

I needed to spend $5000 in 3 months. I did.

The previous post goes into ways on how you can spend that money so I won’t go into that again.

My question is this. “If you knew you were going to spend that much money, or more in the next 3 months what credit card would you use if you knew you could pay it back without interest?”

You would be doing very well if you somehow got 2% back on that spending, or $100.00

Well, Amex gives you 30,000 bonus points – 40,000 points when referred. ($300 or $400 in travel)

See our Amex page on that.

So…spend $5000, get $400 in travel.

Or…spend $5000, get 4 short haul flights. (Detroit – NYC or Washington,DC or Philadelphia or Charlotte) when you convert your points to BA Avios.(9000 per flight)

What’s that worth in travel? Seriously. Spend your $5000 on your expenses, 4 round trip flights to New York City from Detroit or Toronto.

$300 a flight? more? times that by 4 and you get what that bonus is really worth.

Incredible sign up bonus is still on.

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