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Punta Cana 4 star for $499 plus taxes!

Every Tuesday Karen has great deals to get away, today is no different.

Check her page for the other deals she sends me.

She has been a travel agent since the 80’s! Give her a call or email!

519-542-1009 or or visit her in the Kenwick building.

Get Away!


Couple great deals about to EXPIRE soon.

Two great deals out there right now about to expire on March 31 are:

1. Free credit score and monitoring from Equifax for a year!

That’s a $240 value at $20 per month. Canadian Kilometers wrote a great article on this so I’ll just put the link up for that.

That is just awesome, I’ll just leave it at that.

2. The Amex Starwood Perferred Guest Card sign up bonus of 20,000 Starpoints.

This is the TOP hotel credit card out there in Canada according to the authority on this in Canada, Rewards Canada.

I have been following this for about 4 years now and 100% agree – this is the hotel credit card to get in Canada. The bonus goes down to 10,000 points starting in April. Here is the link to apply for that card.

I have done many post on this card in the past, and have found you can easily get $600 – $1000 in hotel stays with this card for the annual fee of $120.

If you have a spouse/partner that travels with you I recommend you refer that person to the card for an extra 10,000 points but there is not enough time for that now, but you could both get that card and have 20,000 points each at this point.

Easter in Cuba for an amazing price!

Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you can – we update Twitter with deals a few times a day.

Do you want to get away for Easter weekend? Of course you do!

Karen has one 3 star in Cuba ALL INCLUSIVE for $628.00 TOTAL or a 3+ star for under $700.

There are more listed but I love the deals where you don’t spend big money.

Here they are. or 519-542-1009 or visit her in the Kenwick building, Sarnia.


Another Deal from Karen – Wednesday

Puerto Plata, 3 and a half star, Playa Dorada, about $660 total after taxes, check it out!

7 nights All Inclusive! check out her page and get in touch with her.


End of March ON SALE NOW! $478 Total for Cuba???

Karen just emailed me the deals of the week, and I can’t believe you can get to an All Inclusive Resort in Cuba for $478 TOTAL!!!

There are other deals in there too – just check out these two.

She has you covered for any trip you want to take – just get in contact with her.

Sooooo many deals. or 519-542-1009 or pop by the Kenwick building in Sarnia.



I’m on Holidays but Karen has amazing deals!

I can’t post any pictures from where I am but if you want a 4.5 star from $399 plus taxes and other deals call our travel agent!


She has some great ones this week!

$400.00 in bonus travel money – free – thanks, Amex!

I did a post back on October 10 that talked about the Amex Gold Business Reward Card.

I used that for most of my spending around Christmas and paid some bills with it.

I needed to spend $5000 in 3 months. I did.

The previous post goes into ways on how you can spend that money so I won’t go into that again.

My question is this. “If you knew you were going to spend that much money, or more in the next 3 months what credit card would you use if you knew you could pay it back without interest?”

You would be doing very well if you somehow got 2% back on that spending, or $100.00

Well, Amex gives you 30,000 bonus points – 40,000 points when referred. ($300 or $400 in travel)

See our Amex page on that.

So…spend $5000, get $400 in travel.

Or…spend $5000, get 4 short haul flights. (Detroit – NYC or Washington,DC or Philadelphia or Charlotte) when you convert your points to BA Avios.(9000 per flight)

What’s that worth in travel? Seriously. Spend your $5000 on your expenses, 4 round trip flights to New York City from Detroit or Toronto.

$300 a flight? more? times that by 4 and you get what that bonus is really worth.

Incredible sign up bonus is still on.

Check Cleveland!!!

In the past 24 hrs I have looked up flights for people using Google flights – awesome tool – just doesn’t include Southwest.

Everyone in our area thinks they know this great secret about Flint, MI – which is true sometimes.

But if you try Google flights which I have many times in the last day or two, I have found to fly out of Cleveland from our area (Sarnia, Ont) can save you significant money.

Yes, it is 2 hours past Detroit or 3.5 hrs from us.

Each time I looked up flights I was very surprised to find the prices out of Cleveland to be way better than Detroit or Flint.

It won’t be like this every time, but spend a minute or two and try that option.

Bunch of March break deals NOW!

Karen just emailed me a bunch of deals South leaving in the next day or two – LAST MINUTE DEALS.

A Cuba 4 Star for about $800 TOTAL. and more!!!

Check her page, and get in contact with her.

519-542-1009 or or visit her in the Kenwick Building, Sarnia.



Take-Off Tuesday – so many deals!

Karen has a 4 star in St. Maarten – Sonesta Maho Beach for about $1000 after taxes – you save $660/couple!

She also has a 4.5 star for $899 plus taxes.

Check out her page and give her a call/email.

519-542-1009 or