More free Stuff!

I did a post last week on the “free stuff” I was getting by booking my friends and I on a trip South for a weekend. Turns out when I finished the booking it was way better than previously reported!

I concluded that I was getting about $100 in travel back and spending $583 which is great anyway. I hadn’t booked hotels yet and that is where I really scored on points!

I racked my brain for ways to score points/discounts/etc. There are many websites right now offering airline points to use their site to book the hotel including Rocketmiles, Kaligo, Pointshound to name a few.

But when I checked back with Expedia it turns out I was going to get 10x the points if I ended up booking the rest of my trip through them! As these points as previously reported are worth .7 cents each that is $7.00 back for every $100 booked!


So… 1.  I took them up on that offer and booked 4 of the 6 nights with them, spending $1000 (4 nights x $250/night) I received 10,000 Expedia points worth another $70 in travel. I used my Amex Gold Card for double points and picked up 2000 Amex points worth $40 in travel (if used wisely)

2. I booked one of the nights using my Rocketmiles sign-up bonus of 5000 miles plus 3000 miles for booking one night. Here is previous article on that.

I received 8000 Avios for that one night booking worth about $160 if used for flights.

Side FYI – 9000 Avios gets you a free flight from Detroit – NYC. I received another 500 Amex points for purchase worth $10 in travel..


3. I used up 1 free night from my own inventory of points and didn’t spend anything.

End Result. I spent $3000 total on trip. My portion of cost is $835 (dividing certain costs)

Total Expedia points earned – $95

Total Amex MR points earned – $120

Total Avios earned 8000 worth about $160

Total travel earned in different forms = $375 Return? 45%!!!

Now that is awesome. Even if you value some of those points less you are getting a great return.

How do you do this? Sign up for those websites, book travel on the Amex Gold Card!


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